LALALA, Enjoy !
everything has beauty so enjoy you're life, stay positive. Be strong and move on Took our chance ! KEEP SMILING
LALALA, Enjoy !

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I think the preschooler days (2-3) are some of the hardest days as a mother, if I am not trying to compromise with this free spirit, she is arguing with me, ha. But I know these are the days that will mean so much and the days of innocence that I will miss so much.
Loving: Dressing up and putting on different voices, you are a character. Today you were Indy Cinderella and by the afternoon, you were Indy Ballerina, “Mama, say yes, Ballerina! Not Indy… Ballerina!”, your speech as clear as day.
Listening: It’s all about The Wiggles, all day, everyday for the last two months. You even got to see The Wiggles perform last week as well as meeting them backstage, your excitement, priceless!
Watching: Peppa Pig and Charlie and Lola (if it’s not The Wiggles).
Eating: I catch you on a daily helping yourself to the fridge, picking grapes on the tips of your toes. If it’s not grapes, you are into the veggie draw, eating tomatoes like apples.

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